Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)

Who makes a good candidate for breast reduction?

Breast reduction is very good treatment for large breasts which cause physical discomfort such as back and neck pain, the cutting in of bra straps and yeast infections in the fold underneath the breasts. It is not a good operation for general weight reduction and normally the best results from the operation are gained in women who are not significantly overweight.

What can this surgery do for me?

A breast reduction can significantly relieve the physical problems caused by large breasts and in addition provide a significant physiological boost by putting the whole body in more appropriate proportion. This means that clothes from the normal range of sizes can be worn; increasing confidence and improving self esteem.

How is the surgery done?

The operation requires a general anaesthetic and a stay in hospital for 2 days. The large breast usually has a low nipple position and it is necessary to correct the nipple position with surgery. The nipple is moved during the operation by keeping its blood and nerve supply attached to the chest wall then moving it in an upward position excess breast tissue and skin are trimmed from around the nipple and then the skin is closed by buried dissolving stitches leaving an incision which runs around the new nipple vertically down into the crease underneath the breast and then an incision in the crease underneath the breast itself.

What kind of anaesthetic do I need?

Breast reduction is always done under general anaesthesia.

How long am I in hospital?

In most cases a 2 night stay is required for recovery from the operation but in special instances if the reduction is small then a 1 night stay might be adequate.

How quickly will I recover from my surgery?

Some soreness, swelling and bruising is present for approximately 2 weeks after the surgery and complete recovery from this operation requires approximately 6 weeks.

What are the potential problems with this surgery?

Despite the length of the surgery major complications are rare after breast reduction surgery. However minor complications such as slow healing of the scar beneath the breast and some discharge from the wound are not uncommon. Due to the necessary nipple repositioning there is a very slight risk of partial or total nipple loss from this operation though the risk is very small. It is rated in 1 on 200 breast reductions performed and tends only to be a significant risk in the reduction of extremely large pendulous breasts.

How much will a breast reduction operation cost me?

Please contact our experienced team of medical secretaries and they will be able to advise you of costs at your chosen hospital. (Spire Norwich Hospital, Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital, BMI The Sandringham Hospital, King's Lynn or BMI St Edmunds Hospital, Bury St Edmunds).

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