Who is a good candidate for this surgery?

Liposuction is not a method for weight loss. It is good for dealing with localised areas of diet resistant subcutaneous fatty bulk.

What can this surgery do for me?

The commonest areas which benefit are the lower anterior abdominal wall and the outer aspects of the hip region.

How is the surgery done?

A cannula is inserted into the subcutaneous fat through a small hole in the skin and fat sucked out, often using ultrasound to break up the fatty tissue.

What type of anaesthetic do I need?

General anaesthesia is required except when the area to be liposucked is very small.

How long am I in hospital?

This surgery is usually done as a day-case.

How quickly will I recover from my surgery?

You have to expect bruising for three weeks and a rather thick feeling to the liposucked area for some three months.

What are the potential problems with this surgery?

While a nice smooth result is usually achieved, some patients develop irregularities in the subcutaneous layer, which will persist.

How much will liposuction cost me?

Please contact our experienced team of medical secretaries and they will be able to advise you of costs. Liposuction is generally only carried out at the Spire Norwich Hospital, however an initial consultation is available at Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital or BMI The Sandringham Hospital, King's Lynn.

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