Eyelid Surgery

Who is a good candidate for this surgery?

Either young patients with bags under the eyes or older patients with loose skin and or bags caused by sunlight and smoking.

What can this surgery do for me?

The upper eyelids usually require only the removal of skin and muscle to help with the heaviness and open up the orbital area. The fat bags can be removed or used to smooth out the “tear groove” which causes a dark ring under the eyelid. The skin can be tightened to rejuvenate the eyelid area.

How is the surgery done?

The skin and muscle are removed and the fat pads are either excised or used to smooth out the dark rings. Fine stitches are used for closure which are removed in 5 days.

What kind of anaesthetic do I need?

If the upper eyelids only are being operated upon, a local anaesthetic only is used. For lower eyelids or all four eyelids, a general anaesthetic is required.

How long am I in hospital?

Upper eyelids alone require no admission. Lowers and 4 eyelids are done as day case.

How quickly will I recover?

Two to three weeks is usual but lower eyelid surgery can take longer with the eye remaining sore for some weeks.

What are the potential problems with this surgery?

It is common to bruise as the skin is quite lax. The scars can be lumpy usually the lower ones. Ectropion( pulling down of the lower lid) is possible but we are very conservative with skin removal and this is usually temporary. Very rarely blindness can be caused due to bleeding after fat removal from the lower lids.

How much will eyelid (blepharoplasty) operation cost me?

Please contact our experienced team of medical secretaries and they will be able to advise you of costs at your chosen hospital. (Spire Norwich Hospital, Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital or BMI The Sandringham Hospital, King's Lynn).

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