Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

Who is a good candidate for this surgery?

If you don’t like the shape or size of your nose it is very reasonable to consider surgery.

What can this surgery do for me?

Prominence, length and breath of your nose can all be altered by surgery.

How is the surgery done?

The surgery generally involves re-shaping the support structures of the nose. The skin re-drapes itself over the re-shaped support provided it is reasonably thin and unscarred.

The operation often involves giving you a v-shaped scar in the nasal columella (part of your nose between your nostrils).

What type of anaesthetic do I need?

These operations are normally done under a general anaesthesia.

How long am I in hospital?

Usually a one night stay after surgery is required.

How quickly will I recover from my surgery?

You are likely to have a splint on your nose for a week post-operatively. Your nose will be obviously bruised and swollen for some two weeks after surgery.

What are the potential problems with this surgery?

The tip of your nose may be numb for some two months. You can often feel small irregularities in the nasal skeleton after surgery but these are rarely visible through the skin.

How much will a rhinoplasty (nose re-shaping) operation cost me?

Please contact our experienced team of medical secretaries and they will be able to advise you of costs at your chosen hospital. (Spire Norwich Hospital, Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital or BMI The Sandringham Hospital, King's Lynn).

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